Risk management

Undisputedly, maritime navigation has become a rapidly growing global market. Numerous new regulations introduced by the IMO (International Maritime Organisation) require extensive investment in new technologies and/or additions to existing systems on board. A SSAS (Ship Security and Alert System) is now required for professional navigation and, as of 2008, also a LRIT (Long Range Identification & Tracking) system. These are just some of the most important new regulations. Currently, our competent representatives and affiliated companies are setting forward-looking standards. Particularly in maritime navigation, satellite-based monitoring systems have proved to be substantially more reliable and powerful than conventional GSM systems. Global client requirements necessitate technology to be fully operational worldwide, without any compromises. Our solutions are always developed and implemented under the key criteria of feasibility and bankability, factors which are particularly important for our customers.

In the yacht segment as well, there is an increasing demand for security on the part of owners, charter operators and the insurance industry. The need for monitoring and controls has increased noticeably over the past few years, not least due to the rising incidence of fraud, theft and vandalism. For this reason, the industry is setting increasingly higher security standards. For every party concerned, it is necessary to find the right balance between costs and the level of security desired.

With its  Yachtwatcher line, the firm SatPro Int. Ltd. & Co. KG offers the best possible protection of your premium property, always tailored to your specific requirements.