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Overview of the most important facts

General information

Always sail as if you were not insured. Make an effort to limit damages to the largest extent possible. In the case of an accident, please communicate any yacht damages to Wehring & Wolfes as quickly as possible, in order to coordinate the necessary next steps. The claim notification can also be transmitted via   e-mail.

Collision damage

If it is not clear who is at fault, notify the coast guard, harbour police, or other official authority and keep a running record signed by all parties involved. Please name the witnesses involved. Do not provide an acknowledgement of wrongful conduct. If involved in a regatta, contact the regatta administration in writing and enter a protest.

Damage due to theft

Upon recognition of damage caused by theft, immediately notify the coast guard, harbour police, or local police. If this is not possible abroad, file a report with the police at the place of residence upon returning. Compile a list of the stolen items, collect all existing sales slips/receipts and hand these over to the police and Wehring & Wolfes.

Fire damage

In the case of fire damage, immediately notify the police, fire department and Wehring & Wolfes.

Emergency at sea with salvage or towing assistance

This case requires the greatest possible caution and prudence. If at all possible, do not sign a contract with a maritime salvage company without consulting Wehring & Wolfes first. Offer as little information as possible on the insured value or ship value, but merely confirm that you are insured.

Repair orders

These can be only be issued by the yacht owner. If an expert has provided an appraisal, be sure that the repair company adheres precisely to the scope of the appraisal. In the case of any deviation, contact Wehring & Wolfes immediately. Verify the repair work, and if interim payments are requested, make sure that these are justified. After having assigned your claim to the repair company, pay particular attention as to whether the repairs have been carried out completely and to your full satisfaction. Then send Wehring & Wolfes your authorisation for payment in writing. Even if you award the contract for the repairs yourself, coordinate the entire process with Wehring & Wolfes before payment, so that any differences between cost estimate/appraisal and final bill from the repair company can be avoided.

Transport damages

In the event of any damages, make sure to inform the transport company of its liability in writing.

Damages abroad

Remember that before they will release your yacht, shipyards or repair companies always require payment in full for any work completed. Therefore, make sure you have the necessary means of payment on hand, or at least enough for a partial advance payment. Experience has shown that transferring payment from a foreign country can take an extended period of time.

Third party liability claims

For each liability claim, make sure to inform the person causing the damage of his or her liability in writing.

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