As the owner of a boat, you could be held responsible with your entire personal wealth for any damages you may cause with your boat, regardless of whether the accident involves physical injury, material damages or property loss.

This makes W&W third party liability insurance all the more important. It protects you against unforeseeable costs while also regulating legitimate damage claims and warding off illegitimate claims.

In view of the importance of this insurance, we have invested great stock in generous and extensive conditions that are always in your favour.

Your advantages at a glance:


  • The owner, the life partner, the skipper, the crew and all guests on board are included in the cover

  • Insurance for a trailer is included in the insurance cover at no extra premium

  • Cases arising from the maintenance, possession and use of a dinghy, inflatable boat or life raft, as well as sports devices and diving equipment that are part of the insured boat are included

  • Cases arising from pulling water skiers, hang gliders and sports devices, as well as third party liability for the person being pulled, also when using a dinghy are included

  • In the case of damage to storage areas or landing stages cover is provided up to 250,000 euros for any one event

  • In the case of pecuniary losses cover is provided up to 500,000 euros for any one event

  • A Skipper's Liability insurance for chartered boats is included without extra premium

The amount of coverage ranges from EUR 5 million to EUR 15 million, at very attractive premiums.

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